9325 Series Pump Controller

Product specifications

submersible DC pump controllers
902-200 features
Includes all 902-100 features plus:
Switch selectable for 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation
Pump on/off switch
Water tight enclosure and cable inlets
Includes water level monitor mode with probes and cable
The versatile 902-200 has all the features of the 902-100 and more. This controller is switch selectable for 12 VDC operation and includes a manual on/off switch for easy pump maintenance. The controller comes with high/low water level sensors so the pump will not run when the well water is too low. Weather proof enclosure.



902-200 (LCB-G) 9300DC pump controller
max. array 12V/14V
min. startup 12V/14V
shutdown 45V
max. N/A
Input voltage 25V
voltage         12.5V
voltage 28V
output current 7 Amps

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