Wanner is the world’s leading manufacturer of seal-less, high-pressure, diaphragm pumps. These Hydra-Cell high-pressure diaphragm pumps are highly efficient, heavy duty pumps used for liquid transfer, metering and dosing, injection and spraying of the widest range of liquids; including chemicals, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons, natural gas liquids, alkalis, polymers, aqueous ammonia, resins, slurries, wettable powders recycled or dirty liquids etc.

Hydra-Cell seal-less, high-pressure, diaphragm pumps can handle corrosive, non-lubricating and abrasive liquids and slurries and can even run dry without suffering damage.

If you need a seal-less, high-pressure diaphragm pump that combines rugged durability with exceptional pumping efficiency, the combination of Hydra-Cell and Wanner experience and expertise could provide the solution you seek.

Hydra-Cell seal-less, high-pressure, diaphragm pumps, spares, accessories and technical assistance are available locally through our network of partners – an expanding family of trained and trusted Hydra-Cell specialists, built up progressively over 35+ years.

Supported Industries
• Agricultural
• Automatic car washes
• Chemical processing
• Food & drug
• High pressure machine tool coolant
• Metering and dosing chemical addictives
• Mining
• Oil production & refining
• Paper & pulp
• Parts washing
• Pressure washing
• Reverse osmosis
• Water and wastewater
Hydra-cell design advantages
• Positive displacement with smooth, low pulse output
• Heavy-duty industrial construction for long service life in harsh conditions
• Hydraulically-balanced, unstressed diaphragms
• Wide range of low rates from 0.4 to 128 l/min and pressures up to 172 bar
• Repeatable, accurate output – idea for metering and dosing
• Sealless design – can pump particles in suspension
• Flexible installation with a variety of mounting configurations
• Minimal maintenance; no cups, packings or seals – can even run dry!
• Wide choice of materials of construction for pump heads, diaphragms and valve assemblies
• High efficiency – low power consumption

Hydra-cell pumps handle a lot more than just clean water!
• Hot fluids
• Reclaim water
• Corrosive fluids
• Slurries
• Abrasives
• Liquid gases
• Wettable powders
• Fertilizers
• Cutting fluids
• Viscous fluids
• Ultrapure fluids
• Chemicals
• Adhesives
• Soap solutions
• Salt water
• And many more…

Material available
• 316 Stainless Steel
• Brass
• Cast Iron
• Hastelloy
• Kynar
• Polypropylene
• Diaphragms
• Buna-N-SX
• Neoprene
• Teflon
• Viton-XT
Flexible pump designs to meet your customized needs …

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