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A wide range of products makes it simple to identify the right type of filter to meet any requirement. SprayFlo’s filters are available in poly, brass and SS and have a wide flow and pressure range.

The cartridges of the line filters have been colour coded to identify the mesh screen. This helps in choosing the correct filter for any application.

  • 2 Inches x 3 way

    2″ screen filters series

    • 2” MBSP threads
    • Filtering capacity 48 m3/h
    • Cartridge Ø 131 x 556 mm
    • Reinforced fiber glass Nylon® body, EPDM gaskets
    • Working pressure 10 bar max (145 PSI max)

  • 0.5 Inch to 1 inch

    Line filters series
    • 1” BSP threads
    • Max. working pressure 14 bar
    • Filtering capacity 150÷160 l/min
    • Cartridge Ø 38×125 mm
    • Fixing points on both sides
    • Polypropylene body
    • EPDM gaskets (VITON® optional)
    • By-pass

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Our technical support staff can oversee system design and optimum product selection to:
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of operations
  • To protect and enhance the quality of finished products
  • To maximize health and safety conditions
  • To provide a high quality of service
Please contact us so we can assist you in choosing the right product for your application.

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