Standard Valves

Superior Sealless Diaphragm Design.

The Hydra-Cell C62/63/64 Valve design is simple: a tapered plunger with an attached diaphragm. When excess pressure overcomes the adjustable spring pressure on the plunger, the plunger lifts off the valve seat, allowing fluid to bypass and reduce system pressure. When a Hydra-Cell Valve is mounted in the discharge line, its modified flow-through design reduces wear on the plunger and seat. For service, simply remove the top of the valve and replace the worn internal components. Hydra-Cell Valves can be serviced in place without removing any fittings or plumbing.


• Various materials available: stainless or brass bodies, PTFE diaphragm, etc.
• Made in America
• Heavy-duty industrial construction
• Accurate, repeatable
• Flow-through design
• Minimal pressure surge
• Smooth, chatter-free bypass
• No external springs or moving parts
• Use with any positive displacement pump
• Immediate response
• Adjustable, easy to service

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