Available in 10 different models and 8 options, Vector is the perfect solution for a wide variety of difficult pumping applications. Its self-priming capabilities can effectively move high-viscosity, pasty, pulpy, thick and otherwise challenging fluids without altering their composition. Because it doesn’t have seals that can leak or valves that can clog, Vector peristaltic pumps are well suited for handling corrosive, shear sensitive and abrasive fluids.
Vector is one of the few peristaltic pumps that uses an evolutionary roller mechanism to push fluids through its hose, rather than a rigid shoe.
Rollers ensure a longer working life with less down time for maintenance. Rollers generate less friction than shoes delivering longer hose life as well as less fatigue because they require less starting torque. Vector also has an externally lubricated hose allowing it to run dry without stalling, reducing pump life or causing pump failure.

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