Chemical injector M22 × 1,5 FM

Max Pressure: 250 bar
Max Flow: 30 l/min

Chemical injector M22 × 1,5 FM

P/NTypeNozzleHose barbWeight
PA21003518Fixed1,8 mm7 mm 250 gr
PA21003521Fixed2,1 mm7 mm 250 gr
PA21018518Adjust1,8 mm7 mm 285 gr
PA21018521Adjust2,1 mm7 mm 285 gr
PA21018523Adjust2,3 mm7 mm 285 gr

Common Features

Rated Pressure220 bar - 22 MPa - 3200 psi
Permissible Pressure250 bar - 25 MPa - 3650 psi
Rated Flow Rate30 l/min
Rated Temperature90 °C
InletAR1 B M22
OutletAR1 A M22

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