FL7 MS- Flow switch with probe

P/N Standing posit.* Weight
PA28043000 0.3 l/min 430 gr


Common Features
Rated Pressure 350 bar – 35 MPa – 5100 psi
Permissible Pressure 390 bar – 39 MPa – 5650 psi
Max. flow rate for use in pump delivery 60 l/min
Max flow rate for use in pump intake 30 l/min
Max. working.Temp 75 °C
Max. Voltage 230 V
Max.switch capacity 60 VA
Max. Curr. Strenght 3 A
Electric cable 2×0.5 mmq.
Cable length 1250 mm
Electrical insulation 55 IP
Inlet 3/8 Bsp F
Outlet 3/8 Bsp F

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