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Slurry duty pumps

Slurry Duty Series Design Advantages

In abrasive slurry mixtures, all valve assembly components are critical to valve reliability. The Hydra-Cell Slurry Duty design is intended for improved abrasion resistance over standard “abrasive duty” pumps which have a ceramic valve and valve seat. The unique

Hydra-Cell Slurry Duty valve design eliminates relative movement between the valve assembly components.
• Crush seal preloads valve assembly
• Ground, balanced spring design
• Valve seat O-ring groove is 100% filled
• Polyurethane wear washers at spring ends

The hard valve “poppet” seals to relatively soft, elastic valve seat to resist abrasion
• The seat absorbs and releases abrasive particles
• Large sealing surface ensures reliability and minimizes stresses














Hydra-cell slurry duty pumps are specifically designed for abrasive duty applications in order to:
• Increase flow
• Reduce and simplify maintenance
• Extend pump life
• Provide quiet operation, and repeatable, consistent positive displacement output
Hydra-cell slurry duty pumps are ideal for harsh abrasive slurries such as:
• Alumina
• Bentonite
• Carbon
• Clay
• Fly ash
• Ink
• Lime slurry
• Paint and pigments

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