P100 Pump Series

1.99 – 67 l/hr




Diaphragms per liquid end: 1

Flow Control Electronic variable speed drive
Maximum Discharge Pressure
       Metallic head: 104 bar
       Non-Metallica head: Polypropylene 17 bar
Kynar 24 bar
Maximum Suction Pressure 17 bar
Maximum Temperature
       Metallic head: 121°C
       Non-Metallica head: 60°C
Suction port 1/2 inch BSPT/NPT
Discharge port 3/8 inch BSPT/NPT
Weight (less motor)
       Metallic head: 8.4kg
       Non-Metallic head: 7.4kg

*Consult SprayFlo for correct component selection for temperature above 71°C

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