Model 3LS4 4 pole

Stub shaft design
Uses IEC standard motors
Standard with high quality
Silicon carbide mechanical seal
All the hydraulic and wetted components are manufactured in 316 stainless steel
This series of stainless steel pumps feature a unique one piece volute casing that is produced using an advanced computer controlled plasma stamping system that ensures total quality control during manufacture. With the smooth surfaces of stamped stainless steel, this results in consistent high standard products, of superior quality and high efficiency. (Cast casing on 65-250 & 80 models)

Stainless steel pump with closed impeller
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Liquid temperature: -10° C to +110° C

Pump casing: 316 stainless steel
Impeller: 316 stainless steel
Casing cover: 316 stainless steel
Shaft: 316 stainless steel

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