Spray Nozzles

Our large selection of water spray nozzles is designed to give you the best options when purchasing nozzles for your industrial needs. We offer nozzles that are designed to give a variety of spray options so that your washing equipment will give you the most efficient performance possible. Choose from flat spray, full cone spray, hollow cone spray, quick disconnect nozzles, air atomizing nozzles, and other accessories. Sprayflo is guaranteed to have the right nozzle for your washing needs.


FSF flat Parts Cleaning
F solid stream Metal Wash
fSTF flat V Foam Control
DF flat V Asphalt Spraying
FL flooding Gravel Washing
FL with air & steam Vehicle Washing
ABO blow-off Fertilizer Spraying
FP high impact Dishwashers
F molded plastic



S full cone Chemical Processing
FS full cone (larger sizes) Rinsing & Cooling Sprays
SW wide angle full cone Foam Breaking
SQ full square spray Heat Exchanger Cooling
S30 narrow angle Continuous Casting
YS twister Absorption Stack Spraying
HNS vaneless full cone Dishwashing
CCS full cone
S molded plastic
PS, PSW plastic full cone
PSQ, PSWSQ plastic full square spray


H hollow cone Air & Gas Washing
HW wide angle hollow cone Aeration & Pollution Control
PH phosphating hollow cone Rising
YH twister Water Cooling
ILH in-line hollow cone Roof Cooling
C hydraulic atomizing Phosphating
CW wide angle hydraulic atomizing Misting
R high capacity hollow cone Humidifying


ZIP-TIP spray nozzles Cleaning
ZF flat V Rinsing
ZFP high impact flat V Cooling
ZFL flooding Spraywash Machines
ZS full cone Phosphating
ZSQ square Chemical Processing
ZHNS vaneless
ZH hollow cone
ZPH phosphating
ZIP-TIP molded plastic spray nozzles
K-Ball clip-on


Tank mixing educators A variety of special products for special applications.
TWA tank washing assembly
M7S cluster nozzle assembly
TWK rotating nozzles
WA self-cleaning shower nozzle
WN solid stream shower nozzles
WF self-aligning shower nozzles
MAJ and AJ adjustable joints
SN4224 shower nozzle
Check valves & split eyelets


JPL Air Atomizing nozzles ….. Inside back cover Dust Control
Pesticide Application
Humidification & Cooling

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Our technical support staff can oversee system design and optimum product selection to:
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of operations
  • To protect and enhance the quality of finished products
  • To maximize health and safety conditions
  • To provide a high quality of service
Please contact us so we can assist you in choosing the right product for your application.

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