SW25-E – Sst. ball bearing swivel

Max Pressure: 280 bar
Max Flow: 40 l/min

P/N Inlet Outlet Weight
PA26125020 1/4 Bsp M 1/4 Bsp F 155 gr
PA26125040 3/8 Bsp M 3/8 Bsp F 155 gr


Common Features
Rated Pressure 250 bar – 25 MPa – 3650 psi
Permissible Pressure 280 bar – 28 MPa – 4050 psi
Rated Flow Rate 40 l/min
Rated Temperature 120 °C
Max. working.Temp 90 °C
Max. Rpm 30 giri/min
Material Sst.+ nick.pl. brass
Seals material Epdm

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