Pressure: Up to 13.8 bar
Flowrate: 1.8 to 530 l/min


Available in 10 different models and 8 options, Vector is the perfect solution for a wide variety of difficult pumping applications. Its self-priming capabilities can effectively move high-viscosity, pasty, pulpy, thick and otherwise challenging fluids without altering their composition. Because it doesn’t have seals that can leak or valves that can clog, Vector peristaltic pumps are well suited for handling corrosive, shear sensitive and abrasive fluids.

Vector is one of the few peristaltic pumps that uses an evolutionary roller mechanism to push fluids through its hose, rather than a rigid shoe.

Rollers ensure a longer working life with less down time for maintenance. Rollers generate less friction than shoes delivering longer hose life as well as less fatigue because they require less starting torque. Vector also has an externally lubricated hose allowing it to run dry without stalling, reducing pump life or causing pump failure.

Rollers make vector superior by design

Peristaltic pumps work by compressing and relaxing a hose that’s portioned between a rotating device and a circular pump housing. Most peristaltic pumps use rigid shoes that rub and torque the hose. Vector uses rotating rollers that provide the same push with far less hose wear.

Fluid portioned ahead of the rollers gets pushed forward as the rollers rotate inside the case. Meanwhile, the portion of the hose just behind the rollers rebounds to create a vacuum. This draws fluids into the pumping hose, which is then pushed forward by the rollers. The peristaltic method employed by vector can create 100% compression at all times, with zero slipping and incredibly accurate metering while producing up to 20-feet of suction lift.

Vector pumps what others can’t

Vector is ideal for abrasive fluids, dyes, thick fluids, solids up 2.5 inches, shear sensitive fluids, stringy material and nasty, corrosive fluids. It’s important to note that even though the pumping action is powerful, vector won’t cause frothing or delicate emulsions to break up.

No seals, no seats, no valves no problems

With a vector peristaltic pump, fluids never come into contact with moving valves, springs or seals. Instead, the fluid travels though a single hose. This makes vector perfect for abrasive, shear sensitive, stringy and corrosive fluids.

A hose for all fluids

When using a vector peristaltic pump, the only thing that ever touches your fluids is the hose and connectors. From FDA approved, food safe hoses to those that can withstand nasty chemical compounds, vector has a hose material that’s up to the task.

Extruded hoses

Recommended when pumping foods, beverages and other clean fluids with intermittent duty or when pressure is low and there is flooded suction.

  • Hypalon HE
  • Varprene VE
  • Pharmed FE
  • Neoprene PE
  • Silicone SE
  • Fiber braided hoses

Ideal for continuous-duty pumping duty of abrasive and corrosive fluids that can take a toll on a hose. Fiber braided hoses are the only option when high or vacuum lifts are required.

  • Hypalon HF
  • Natural rubber NF
  • Nitrile rubber BF
  • Natural rubber heary-duty MF
  • Nitrile rubber – oil rated OF

Ten different pumps. One hundred different applications

Every job is different, which is why vector comes in ten different sizes to best suit your need. From the 2.95 kg, 1.2 bar discharge vector 2002 to our 1153 kg workhorse, the vector 2010 that can discharge an impressive 8 bar, you can be sure there’s a vector model available for your application.

Vector can handle a variety of applications that require the safe transfer of challenging substances such as:


  • Bentonite slurries
  • Carbon slurry
  • Ceramic slip
  • Cosmetics & creams
  • Dyes & Inks
  • Eggs
  • Ferric chloride
  • Flavorings
  • Iron oxide pigments
  • Jams & preserves
  • Lime slurries
  • Paint
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Shampoos
  • Yogurt



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